Sunday, August 20, 2017

Why Buy Paintings? #10

Test Drive  

Buying art doesn’t have to be a giant leap of faith.  Some artists, especially the ones you may know, will let you try a piece of work you fancy in your home or office or public space before you buy it.  This will allow you to really enjoy the subtleties, detail and actual size of the original work.   If the piece is of quality, your appreciation will do nothing but gain over time.  

A few things to consider in this circumstance: 
-         -  A percentage of the full price as a deposit.  A small show of faith, even 10-15%, can go along way.

-          - Packaging shipping should be paid for by the potential buyer.  The artist will take care of the work of shipping, typically to very expensive.

-          - The collector may want to consider how the work fits into their insurance, or be ready to pay for the painting if damage occurs while it’s in their possession.

-          - To avoid uncomfortable relations, a definite period of loan should be agreed upon.  I’ve found 6 weeks to be a good sweet spot

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